Nutrition from food, what a concept!™

What makes FOOD Brand Supplements so different?

  • 100% Food products – 100% Food nutrients
  • Real food nutients, in real foods, with naturally occurring substances (such as enzymes, amino aciss, lipids, and /or bioflavonoids)
  • Cold fused and low temperature processed
  • Grown nutrients with assays
  • Free of GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives, and similar chemicals
  • HPLC validated and the nutrient content of each batch is tested for potency
  • Digestive disintegration tested nutrients
  • Nutrients grown in an FDA Registered Facility
  • Glandulars are low temperature processed (freeze-dried) – NEVER dessicated
  • Only bovine, goat, or wild fish are used, never porcine (pork)
  • Bovine glandulars are sourced from pasture raised cows from New Zealand or Argentina NEVER USA
  • Packaged in dark amber bottles to protect potency and stability

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